Nature of Collaboration Activities

The Network will undertake common activities for the attainment of the above-mentioned objectives, such as:

  • providing training, advice and any other requested assistance to candidate Model Forests in the Mediterranean, in collaboration with local agents interested in the establishment of MFs;
  • disseminating information (website, newsletter, etc.) about the MFs, the MMFN and the IMFN both within the network and to the broader Mediterranean audience;
  • organizing regular opportunities (seminars, field visits) for the network members to exchange information, experience and know-how on key-issues for the regions involved and existing or future MFs in the Mediterranean;
  • providing ongoing support to the preparation, implementation, dissemination and consolidation of collaborative projects involving members of the network on key-issues for SFM in the Mediterranean, including maintenance of ongoing links among projects via the network's activities;
  • reporting ongoing model forest progress in the Mediterranean region, so as to fully capitalise on member’s experiences for the benefit of every member, the whole network and the Mediterranean forest-based sector;
  • supporting innovation and experimentation in order to find solutions adapted to the specified contexts found in the Mediterranean region.


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Model Forest ToolkitThe Model Forest Toolkit is a series of documents produced by the IMFNS to provide guidance to new and existing Model Forests. The toolkit is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

IMFN Connections

ConnectionsConnections is a theme-based newsletter produced twice yearly by the IMFN Secretariat on behalf of the Network membership

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