Members of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network are:

  • The regions in the European Union and candidate countries and, in other countries, national government bodies having competencies over forest-based development, who are parties to the MoU
  • Model forests in the Mediterranean region

In addition, the activities of the network can benefit from the support and participation of external expert bodies (multilateral agencies, national competent bodies and other organizations), acting as supporting participants, with a voice, but no vote, in the Network. These other entities can become supporting members of the initiative by signing a supporting act attached to the MoU.

Founding members are the members of the Network who sign the MoU before the 16th of June 2008, the date of the IMFN Global Forum of IMFN in Canada.

Regions or national entities interested in joining the network can be invited as observers until they become full members upon becoming a party to the MoU.


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Model Forest ToolkitThe Model Forest Toolkit is a series of documents produced by the IMFNS to provide guidance to new and existing Model Forests. The toolkit is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

IMFN Connections

ConnectionsConnections is a theme-based newsletter produced twice yearly by the IMFN Secretariat on behalf of the Network membership

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