Proposed functions of the Secretariat

The Secretariat will be a self-financed, independent facility. It will only look for incremental ways of financing for concrete, agreed-upon actions that will take the form of projects. The Secretariat will not be the only initiator of such initiatives, but will give support to all of them. Its functions will be the following:

  • To support and give technical assistance to model forest
  • To support cooperation between model forests and governments
  • To support knowledge circulation and exchange between Network members
  • To support members in the identification of other members´ skills of use, mutual conflict assistance and other peer-to-peer activities
  • To participate in the IMFN Networking and other committees
  • To liaise with the IMFN Secretariat to develop opportunities for learning, exchange and collaboration with the global MF community
  • To raise funds and develop projects for detected, specific needs


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Model Forest ToolkitThe Model Forest Toolkit is a series of documents produced by the IMFNS to provide guidance to new and existing Model Forests. The toolkit is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

IMFN Connections

ConnectionsConnections is a theme-based newsletter produced twice yearly by the IMFN Secretariat on behalf of the Network membership

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