Principles of Model Forests

Model forests are based on the following set of principles:

  • Partnership. Each model forest is a neutral forum that welcomes voluntary participation by representatives of stakeholder interests and values on the landscape.
  • Sustainability. Stakeholders are committed to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and the forested landscape.
  • Landscape. A large-scale biophysical area representing the full range of forest values, including social, cultural, economic and environmental concerns.
  • Governance. The model forest management process is representative, participative, transparent and accountable, and promotes collaborative work among stakeholders.
  • Programme of activities. The activities undertaken by a model forest are reflective of the model forest’s vision and stakeholder needs, values and management challenges.
  • Knowledge-sharing, Capacity Building and Networking. Model forests build stakeholder capacity to engage in the sustainable management of natural resources, and collaborate and share results and lessons learned through networking.

Based on the IMFN experience the main purpose of regional networks is to define, articulate and manage a regional program of work related to the sustainable management of forest-based landscapes that reflects the priorities, strengths and opportunities that are unique to the region. They also facilitate regional communications and knowledge exchange, capacity building and funding opportunities for existing model forests, as well as those expected to join the Network. The MMFN’s added value to its members will be a focus on on concrete action based on principles of effectiveness, low cost, decentralization, cooperation , solidarity, and equity between participants.


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Model Forest ToolkitThe Model Forest Toolkit is a series of documents produced by the IMFNS to provide guidance to new and existing Model Forests. The toolkit is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

IMFN Connections

ConnectionsConnections is a theme-based newsletter produced twice yearly by the IMFN Secretariat on behalf of the Network membership

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